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Maybe this category doesn’t include the dirty gossip as you’d wanted. But now when we have your attention please check out these news stories and ideas that covers all levels of the sport from another point of view.

How hard can it be, really!?!

How hard can it be to gear up your horse? Imagine this when I grew up we used the two/three (depending on finger size) finger rule and common sense when tightening the nose band. But the past years I believe most of us have seen the many…

The Boekelo round up

So let's round up Military Boekelo. Military Boekelo, the party venues of all venues went back to basics - actually back to their roots - for this year's event with a new built arena where they once started. The amazing all weather footing…

School’s out for summer

School’s out for summer, eventing goes on spring break.. Military Boekelo is a unique event in many aspects. One of the things making this event so special it really is like spring break for college students or even the Glastonbury festival…