Safe sport vs. Yellow Cards..

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Some topics never die. And the Yellow Cards vs. safe sport for sure is one of those topics. I have followed the yellow cards for YEARS and let me tell you there are a LOT of discrepancies.

But lately with the “updated” system I am once again flabbergasted and stunned about how this system really doesn’t help anyone. At least not in regards to safe sport.

Cause suddenly everything and anything Dangerous Riding ends up as a recorded warning and NOT a Yellow Card. Of all things eventing you’d think that anything horse abuse and or dangerous riding should automatically give those yellow cards.

Me for one have said for years that any kind of fall – fall rider, fall horse – should automatically render a Yellow Card.

That would be a way more sufficient way to deal with dangerous decision making amongst riders than the good old fashion degradation in rider ranks and re qualifications.

Face planting.

Just before the season got started and shut down due to the corona crisis two riders at Barocca d’Alva picked up two recorded warnings, each!

Interestingly enough both of them had one for failing to submitting to a medical examination after a fall. So obviously the cross country did not quite go according to plan for either one of them..

But then one of the two – who hardly made a MER in a so far short and intense international career –  was slammed another recorded warning instead of a Yellow Card for Dangerous riding / riding too fast.. If you ride too fast and you face plant no matter in which order these two come along you deserve a Yellow Card end of story.

What do you think?

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