Horse people should know better and stay home!

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It’s hard not to talk about Corona yet once more. Cause truth of the matter the virus have now shut down more than one part of the world. But in all this I cannot let go of the idea horse people of all people should know better about viruses than the regular laymen do.

Even so people seem to think gathering people for training is different than competing. The main reason for this would be you can keep your distance.

ignorance is bliss

My question to this group of people: Would you also encourage people to bring horses from a stable with suspected or even confirmed Rhino to training? And when doing so just tell them to keep the distance to their fellow companions out on the field?

Me for one am starting to suspect you would.

Epic cluster fuck up!

Then there are the organisations that seem completely blind folded and Dutch Masters Indoor Brabant totally qualifies in this category. This organisation kept going with their five star dressage and jumping event till the bitter end – read up till that moment the government of the Netherlands basically declared a state of emergency yesterday afternoon. When the country shut down they finally pulled the plug on the Dutch Masters.

As the name suggest Indoor Brabant is hosted in Brabant or Noord Brabant if you will. The region of the Netherlands where the Covid-19 corona virus has spread faster than the plague. And where plenty of the confirmed corona cases have not even been possible to trace back to their original source. If you ask me that is scary as hell.

Still they insisted to push through. Letting people in from all over the world. What a great way to spread a nasty virus. Cause those grooms and riders also have to travel back to wherever they came from. What an epic cluster fuck up.

Growing up with race horses.

I grew up with race horses. Both thoroughbreds and standard breds. In those worlds you wouldn’t even dream of touching a horse when on medication. In the horse racing industry as I know it stable hygiene is the red thread through anything from feeding, grooming, training, transporting, stabling and competition.

If we treat the corona virus as the plague it already proved to be and stay clear from moving around for what ever reason we actually still have the chance to stop it. And by doing so we might be able to salvage the second half of the outdoor season.

Pretending we’re all good and go training and competing or whatever you can come up with against the governmental advise won’t.

What do you think?

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