Don’t load your horses and go training

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Woaw, this is like the eventing blog that turned into a Corona Covid-19 blog. But I am liked stunned over this Corina Covid-19 virus. Not only is it travelling across the globe in the speed of light. It is also turning people insane or something. And I’m not talking about the toilet paper hamsters out there.

No, I’m talking about the ones that STILL – against advice and recommendations from like everybody – believe hosting and or go training is a safe bet.

The no contact pact.

Let me give you some pointers in why you should not load your horse(s) and stay home instead;

  1. The faster we get this shit under control the faster life will go back to normal. Then you can both train and compete.
  2. When loading your horse(s) to go training under the pretences of “I am not meeting anybody” you’re wrong. Normally you bring a groom/helper. You will meet your trainer, a couple of people at the gas station. Or god forbid you go to McDonalds where you not only order food but also do it by using and touching their self service screens. And then you come back to your own stable which may or may not be your private one and meet even more people.
  3. When handling horses you always take a calculated risk of getting into some kind of a mishap. That is in particular an unfortunate part of eventing but also a part of anything horses. But then what? What if you fellow companions do decide to honour the “no contact pact” and leave your broken body on the ground and go home! Or they do as any normal people would do. Which actually is to make close contact and even call an ambulance for you. An ambulance that drops you off in the arms of a health care system that for weeks back already is down on its knees. A health care system that, because your lack of common sense and patience, in the end of the day may have to make a choice in saving yours or someone else’s life!
  4. You may be strong and healthy but do you really know everything about your fellow rider buddies medical conditions? Plenty of them actually belong to the risk groups the corona virus take down and kill.

Me for one cannot grasp my head around the fact people are willing to play Russian roulette with not only their own lives. But also with the lives of their loved ones.

What do you think?

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