Dedication and devotion

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Dedication and devotion is something not everybody grasp the difference of. But I believe this week has been all about dedication and devotion. At least on behalf of one of our horses.

On Monday I travelled over 300km to find the perfect mineral and vitamine complex. And the past two days the perfect horse feed have been travelling across Europe and finally landed on our doorstep.

Cause little did I realise how much crap is being produced and sold out there in the year of 2020. Which in the end made me go back to basics and try out things that worked both 10 and 20 years ago.

And in opposite from all the new stuff I’ve found these products have been thoroughly tested in live situations. And last but not least, they also seem to be produced with horses in mind.

This on the other hand doesn’t seem to be the case with a lot of the more modern products – booth feeding products and supplements –  I’ve been scouting through the past weeks. There are a lot of products that I seriously question regarding nutrition and health.

Something that could explain the around 3000 different brands of various gastro guard products being sold out in the regular tack shops.

Time will tell if my gut feeling and experience did good on this one 😉

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