Corona really messes up the world of equestrian sport

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Time to face the truth. Cause the Corona virus really is messing up the world in general but also the equestrian sport in particular. Some organisations and national federations and or governments have taken their responsibility to cancel like everything. Others not so much.

Personally I am no doctor nor scientist and don’t know exactly what the Covid-19 virus does to ones body. But the laymen reports I’ve read from Italy do not paint a pretty picture!

However what I have learnt, or maybe it’s more of a figured out kind of thing during the past couple of weeks is riders don’t seem to give a shit!

Show must go on..

For riders the show must go on no matter what. We’ve seen it many times before with riders going against doctor’s advise and start riding way to early after a serious injury. A lot of them, on all levels of the sport and in all disciplines even brag about doing so on social media.

When scanning through social media as of today I see riders and organisations who totally go against the recommendations of their local governments. Some of them even make a joke out of it while stating the show will go on. I also joke about corona – cause in my world it’s ok to joke about just anything.

However, what really freaks me out with these riders and organisations that are now intentionally neglecting governmental advise in regards to Corona. Is how they would respond to yet another outbreak of Rhino or Strangles and other freakishly scary horsey related diseases? Do they ignore them too?

What do you think?

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