Corona madness Tuesday?

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Ok, a quick recap of the news of today. One event coming up in the heart of Corona-ville in my country during next have decided to carry on. Another event due in June goes to the media and say they won’t carry on, because of Corona.

In Italy they basically cancelled anything and everything equestrian. Which of course includes Pratoni del Vivaro. Meanwhile in Tokyo – last thing I heard – the environmental hazard that spells the Olympic Games are planned to run as scheduled.

Something in all this doesn’t make sense at all. Either some people are panicking for nothing or there really is something over the top dodgy going on in the world. Let’s just agree on the up and coming spring and early summer season will be pretty exciting..

next thing robot grooms

Last but not least. There is now a project, endorsed by an equestrian federation, looking to set up an app to identify pain in horses. Let me tell you this. Common sense and actually spending time and get to know your horse(s) will take you way further than that.

Me for one will stick to my stable and if anybody comes close to me on the street I take up a cough and scare them as far away from as I possibly can.

Over ant out! 😀

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