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There is no secret equestrian sport just as anything else have turned into some kind of fashion show. A fashion show where animals and the environment and also the workers producing it suffer, BIG TIME.

Last year at Spoga I wrote a piece on real fur in equestrian fashion. Since then little have changed. Riders still purchase bits and bridles from low rogue companies who produces all their stuff in India. Where they pay around €10-15 for producing a bridle. A bridle which later will retail for around €250-350 here in Europe. Ka-ching!

Also stuck in the belief system of riders is the Olympics. For most riders – and maybe even more so the equestrian officials – the Olympics is like the best thing ever.

Never mind the horses most likely will have a living hell regarding the climate on offer. Never mind the format of the competition has little to no relation on how eventing is normally run. And never mind the hosting nation having a nasty habit of slaughtering* dolphines, whales, sharks and other creatures in the most horrific and cruel way possible.

In all I believe it’s time for the equestrian industry to wake up and take a closer look on what is happening outside their own personal barnyard.

For one we could make sure to stop supporting European tack companies who out source all their work to more than often questionable – as in safety for workers and the environment – factories in India! Instead we would be better off to support the ones that keep a more serious and environmental friendly attitude to their production.

* google it and brace yourself for impact..

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