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Michael Jung wins title in Bordeaux

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Yesterday was a great moment of sport celebrating the victory of the individual Olympic eventing champion Michael Jung in the Devoucoux Indoor Derby. The multidisciplinary German stays in Bordeaux to focus, in his own words, « on the coloured fences ».

Michael Jung is a genius. He has won every imaginable eventing title – some even more than once – and he is capable of starting in a dressage Grand Prix (even if it is not his favourite discipline) as well as in a showjumping Grand Prix and during the winter season that is exactly what he likes to do. Michael Jung also just honoured his first selection as jumping rider for the strong German team riding the Nations Cup in Abu Dhabi.

In Bordeaux, Jung rode his young eventing mare, the 8-year-old Corazon and brought two other mares to start in the showjumping classes: FischerSolution, a 9-year-old Westphalian and FischerChelsea, a 10-year-old Westphalian.

Yesterday evening, he won by 39 hundredths of seconds, a very small advance for a 1 kilometre course, beating French star Maxime Livio. Jung loved the Devoucoux Indoor Derby class: « It is a very nice class. I appreciated the fact that the horses had the opportunity to explore the course beforehand as we had the chance to ride it in the morning. That way, when they entered the arena in the evening, the fences were already a little familiar. It is an impressive show for them. » Corazon, the mare he chose for this derby, is a very young Hanoverian mare. She is of course destined to become an eventing superstar and these indoor derbies are part of her training. She already was second in Geneva and wins her only second outing in Bordeaux :« The course was well designed and a pleasure to ride. There were many options to do short-cuts, it was very interesting » The Olympic champion particularly appreciated the atmosphere, one of Bordeaux’s trademarks, being even positively surprised by the support he got from the public :« The crowd here is amazing. They are cheerful and fair play as they encourage even the foreign riders. » While the German celebrated his victory yesterday, today, he has to focus on another discipline, jumping : « Yes, he laughs, now I have to concentrate on the coloured fences again. »

Speaking of coloured fences, today is the most important class of the weekend, the Longines FEI World Cup qualifier. Even if Jung has not (yet) the right to start in these series, the public will be able to admire the best riders of the world, notably the French Olympic champions. The gold team did not get in the spotlights yesterday but an « emerging » local rider shined nontheless: Julien Gonin (soon to be 36 years old), winner of the opening class, the Prix de la Foire Internationale de Bordeaux, and fourth in the preparatory class for today’s World Cup, the Prix French Tour Generali, with his Swiss horse Soleil du Cornu. Tonight, he will be riding this same horse, starting very early as he has the number 5 : « Being the first one to start is always complicated but fifth is fine, that gives you enough information without having too much time to overthink it, wondering about how many strides you want to do or not. » A man who keeps things simple and may well be tonight’s surprise (starting at 20h30 on FEI TV).

In driving (23h20) the surprise may come not from one, but from four Swiss horses, the Freibergers from Jérôme Voutaz. A mechanic by profession, the driver has achieved an incredible performance in Leipzig beating the two big names of the discipline, Boyd Excell and Isjbrand Chardon. The Swiss will therefore umpire the eternal duel between the Australian and the Dutch and make this class a truly exhilarating moment.

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