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What’s the point with indoor eventing?

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Indoor eventing – the good and the bad.

I  L O V E indoor eventing. I believe it’s a genius form of competition and an even more genius way to get beginners to get to know the idea of eventing and cross country. Even so I believe the international events are somewhat of a drag.

Mostly because no one really cares. Even though held in close relation to CSI4* and CSI5* events. As well as CDI4* and CDI5* no one really cares.

The media don’t care cause the ones that actually know anything about the glorious sport of eventing are not present at these events. Since the indoor eventing normally is just a show class in front of half empty grandstands on a Thursday evening. I seriously doubt the spectators care!

Last but not least the riders don’t really care. And this is normally down to politics cause if you don’t get selected to compete at your home event you most likely don’t care about the event itself.

All this negativity set aside I still truly believe indoor eventing could be a global smash hit. But only if it was turned into a World Cup format in the same way four-in-hand has been made popular.

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