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K9: from mess to impress

Lisa Sabbe BEL Enya des Consessions | Eventing Waregem 2017 © Eventingphoto
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K9: Easy, shiny and fun!

YES! Washing, cleaning and making horses looking like absolute head turners can be easy and fun! Anyone that knows me, knows I really that like my horses to stand out. So this is a fun challenge for me! How clean can I get my horses and how easy can I make it look?

At the international competitions I usually don’t have any grooms with me, I do all of my braiding (plaiting) and cleaning of my horses myself – with a little (a lot) of help from my friends who are amazing!

Striving for top result and tiptop groomed horses is hard to combine with the preasure of time. I used the K9 products for the first time at the international show in Waregem where I rode my 2 horses in the CIC2*.

My standards are normally very high and I would never think of arriving at an international competition with your horses not even washed, that is a big no-no. However with red cheeks and slightly ashamed of myself, this is exactly what happened to me at international eventing Waregem.

I had a showjumping lesson with both of my horses prior to arriving at the show and with no chance at all to get them cleaned up a bit. Upon arriving at the show grounds I hoped no-one (or as few people as possible) saw the state of my horses…

First thing on the list – after getting them food, water and proper bedding of course – was to transform them into true head turners! I washed their body with the K9 copper tone shampoo and for main and tail with the black out shampoo. (Pictures of Enya becoming the true princess she is … from mess to impress)

I used the nano spray detangler on their tail and could brush out her tail even while wet. But my all time favorite was the aloe vera competition shine!!!!! I sprayed it on both of my horses when they were still wet, and the result was so impressive!

Even after a night in their stables and with their blankets on you still had a nice, shiny result. The horses just stayed that way all competition long! (please note: I hosed them down after every workout and resprayed them with the Aloe vera competition spray!)

I’ve only used it for this competition, but can’t wait to use the black out shampoo on the sexy black stallion I have in training. More updates about this product, and definitely more pictures to come!

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