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50 shades of Yellow Warning Cards

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.. 50 ways of continuing after 3 refusals.

There’s no secret I dig into the lists of Warning Cards on a weekly basis during the season. As for now when set in off season mode there’s not so much to dig into. Or so I thought, cause along came India!

And in India my friends, Meerut to be more exact, we yet again find an interesting division of rulings. In which the offence of “Dangerous riding / continuing after 3 refusals” once again have parted in to two different directions.

Two riders were handed Yellow Cards while two other riders, competing in the very same class, were handed Verbal warnings for the exact same offence.

Meerut Warning Cards
Meerut Warning Cards

The only way I could get how this kind of thing is repeating itself is there are 50 ways of continuing after 3 refusals. Which in itself would be yet another complicated way of implementing the rules amongst officials and fence judges.

Or, the cry baby technique really does work.

Personally I believe this is as offensive as combinations being removed from the official results after being eliminated for one reason or the other. And yes those things does happen! I’ve seen it myself and I know people who have seen it AND reported it to the federation.


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