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The 50 penalties that comes, and goes

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Let’s talk about the 50 penalty rule shall we!

Oh no, that’s true, we already did back in October. Since then lots of things have happened. Yet another event has been in the spotlight for adding and retracting 50 penalties a little bit here and a little bit there. The difference from other events is this time it kind of went viral on social media, YAY!

At one 3* event where rider after rider was penalised with a 50 penalty on the very same fence (which also happened to be the very same fence where I was standing for the whole class). Every single rider from the home nation were cleared from their 50 penalties.

Even so, the officials at Adelaide claims (according to An Eventful Life which I personally would consider a trust worthy news outlet) claim this is not normal to happen at the one single event. But still, it did, again..

Back in 2014 at Boekelo we had another scenario based on a rule that didn’t work out that well. Back then the ground jury decided to pull back every single penalty descending from any broken safety device along the track.

That time around it all came down to a faulty MIM-clip by the final water fence which made the log fall easier than a showjumping pole!

In the end of the day everybody were cleared from their penalties of that MIM-fence. And while the ground jury were at it. Breaking an actual pin at another location on the course also made them strip the riders off their penalties!

To sums things up and me repeating myself. We don’t need strange pointless rules and new levels of the sport. We need better officials. We need better fence judges. We need better education full stop!

The need of better education is not only an official and fence judging problem. That for sure is also a huge riders issue. But let’s talk about that at another time. 😉



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